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The ‘Mommy Me Time’ Myth Busted? Part 1

Following on from my Mommy Madness post, it only made sense to do a ‘Mommy Me Time’ one.

When I think of me time’ I am fondly reminded of my grandmother and her nightly beauty ritual while growing up. This was her timeShe brushed her pitch black, waistlength hair until it gleamed, she applied all these lotions and potions to her skin which to this day, at 84 years, is still smooth. Her skin is that of a 60 year old rather than 84. She would soak her feet, then scrub them with a pumice stone and apply cream. Her last task before she went to bed was to drink a cup of Rooibos tea (hold the milk and sugar!). My grandmother had 12 children, 8 of whom survived childbirth. So if could she find some time for herself who are we not to! 
With her in mind these are the things I like to do when I have a bit of ‘me time’. I do not have a nightly ritual, but these activities I consider important, almost vital, to keep my sanity in check. 

Many of you will probably scoff at my list and think ‘what silliness’, but only a mom will understand that your time is precious and the little time you do have to yourself you do not want to squander it by doing extravagant or outrageous activities. You want to keep it simple and save the grand gesture items for a special occasion.(See Part 2 of this Post for more.) 

So here is my list:

Finding time for yourself is hard. You become so engrossed in your role as a mom and wife that you forget yourself and that you also have needs. Making time for yourself makes you a better mom, wife and person all round. Trust me. So when the opportunity presents itself to have some alone time: do something for yourself. Do not fold up the laundry! Do not tidy up the house! Do not do ironing!
Even if it just means taking a long hot bath, reading a magazine, paying bills, blogging, decide what you like and do it. 
Binge watching
I am embarrassed at this one but it is what it is! I am obsessed with series and can never watch it in real time. Thank goodness for PVR! At the moment I am binge-watching Masterchef Australia 2016! As soon as the smallies (aka my kids) go to bed I get ready for bed and watch a few episodes. Everyone is asleep, so it’s just me and the remote. Yay! I know some people would prefer sleep, I’d much rather have alone time than sleep. There is something about watching other people cook under pressure that just gives me a thrill. That is usually me and with no end or grand prize in sight! A ‘thank you mommy’ is good enough for me.


I love reading, from fiction, magazines, romance, DIY books and even recipe books. Man, I read anything I can get my hands on. My love of books started at an early age and has not waned. I just do not have as much time to read as I would like. In my PK (pre-kids) days I could happily browse in a bookshop for hours.
Thanks to the wonderful invention of the Kindle and other e-readers out there books are just a click away. My wonderful hubby bought me a Kindle many moons ago for my birthday after he saw me struggling to breastfeed my newborn and turn the page of the book I was trying to read! I have not looked back. I still love to purchase the odd hard copy book and I am a complete sucker for magazines! I will do a post on all my favourite magazines in the near future.
This is a me-time activity you can do in the bath, bed or if you lucky like me, I have a special reading corner in my bedroom. My dad had made me a beautiful chair and foot stool when I was pregnant with my daughter to use for breastfeeding and it has now become my reading spot. It’s so decadent sitting with my feet up, by book on my lap, and a warm cuppa on the side table. 


It seems only natural that if one likes to read you would also like to write. Right? I’ve always been one to write down my thoughts, doodle, short little poems. I feel that when I write something it becomes real for me. Oh and my lists. All those near and dear to me know I have lists for everything. My lists have lists!!!! When I am planning a party oh my, I have lists in my notebooks, on my iphone, my ipad, pieces of paper!!!! But I think that is more due to my overactive brain constantly thinking of something to do for a party and I need to write it down before I forget.
Which brings me to my obsession with beautiful notebooks. I love collecting notebooks. I am one of those rare breeds of people who still enjoys writing things down. So I am always on the hunt for pretty notebooks. And as my luck would have it I found Fateemah from Crystal Bowtique Modesty Wear, on instagram, who does beautiful Islamic inspired notebooks. Needless to say I purchased a few. My favourite one is “Just a girl boss building her empire Insha Allah”. She is on instagram and has a website so check her out if you interested:  http://www.crystalbowtique.co.za/ She couriers as well.

So by now you have probably realise my idea of me time is doing quiet activities. After the craziness of a day surrounded by four screaming children (whom I love in spite of, lol), all I want is some peace and quiet. Meditation for me means sitting down and trying to let go of all the craziness of the day and to take stock. I am yet to achieve that elusive state of true meditation where the mind is silent and calm yet alert. It does not mean I will stop trying!!! 

Sooooo………………me time is important for everyone to take, not just us overwhelmed moms, but I know finding the time is hard. Schedule it in like any other appointment, even if its only half an hour. It will make all the difference. Let me know what you do in your me-time. 



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