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Who is this Fara of Fara’s Way?

That would be me!
I’m Faranaaz and my friends call me Fara. Event planning has always been a passion of mine. As far back as high school I can recall I was either baking a wedding or birthday cake, sourcing ideas and decor or setting up and styling. Then it was only just a hobby as I had already firmly decided I was going to be an attorney.
Fast forward 20 years, I am an attorney yet my passion for events has never waned, which brings us to what some would say, the inevitable birth of Far FaraWay Events. I have finally taken the leap of faith and started my own events company! Yippee!!! Yikes!!! Eeek!!!
Which brings me to the purpose of this blog: chronicling this journey of MY events planning company, the trials and tribulations associated with running your own business, the excitement of planning an executing an event. In addition to being an events planner and party stylist, I’m a mom and wife and it would be remiss to not blog about those aspects of my life! So I look forward to also sharing my views on parenting, lifestyle, cooking, hijabi fashion, travel and whatever else might catch my fancy. 


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