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Madness of Motherhood – There’s no other way

Shortly after 5pm on 25 January 2007, after 24 hours in labour or ‘non-labour’ as some would say (that is a blog for another day), I started my parenting journey. Hearing my daughter’s first cry made my heart stop and is a sound that I will forever hear in my mind. I never wanted kids. Then I had my son and two more daughters. Four kids in a span of 6 years!
There are days where I feel like I am drowning and clinging to my sanity, however I feel honoured to have been given the task of raising my children to be humble and respectful human beings. Each of them have their own unique personality quirks which make them absolutely lovable and at the same time drives me to the brink! Despite this they bring me unbridled joy. 
This year has come with many challenges: losing our long time sleep-in nanny and reverting to a char, start of my own business, more responsibilities at work and it seemed like my kids needed me more this year than ever. But I think that has to do with the change in our home set up. Things have settled down a bit now that the year draws to a close but it will be a push until schools go on holiday. Summer holidays are exciting times in our household as we either spend as much time as we can on the beach or around the pool at home or we go away to one of the many seaside villages we are blessed with in the Western Cape. 
Enjoy summer as the weather starts heating up, as I know we will be enjoying ours.  





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