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Monochrome Madness Birthday Party

What a beautiful party this turned out to be.  

Black and white with a touch of playfulness makes for a stunningly elegant theme for a kids party.

I absolutely love this mom and her sense of style. We have assisted her with her son, Hudson’s birthday two years in a row. She has an amazing eye for detail and knows exactly what she wants to do way ahead of time. So when @styled_by_mama sent me a message: ‘Hi, it’s time’, I knew she was ready to rock and roll. The theme was monochrome black and white and the brief was simple: Monochrome. Everything to be black and white.

The party ideas and elements that kept this look simple and elegant yet playful and childlike:
  • White wooden furniture which is softened by the playful polka dot party boxes, stripe plates and the cute name flags for each guest.
  • The combination of white, silver and black star and orb shaped balloons, with a friendly zebra in the mix.
  • A cone shaped party hat and a ‘party animal’ back pack.
  • Iced cookie in the birthday boy‘s initial, ‘H’ to be washed down with some chocolate milk. Yum!
  • Cake pops adorned with black and white feathers and marshmallows dipped in “black” chocolate.
  • All the animals strolling through the treats on the main table and kiddies table.

This mom styled this party all by herself, we simply provided some of the key elements: white wooden furniture, black and white stripe linens, feather topped cake pops, iced “H” cookie and cactus shaped (not shown) iced cookie, dipped marshmallows, candy jars, juice dispensers, ice cream machine (with flavour of your choice) and black cake stands.  

Decor and Rentals: Far FaraWay Events
Cookies, Pops, Dipped Marshmallows: Love Cakes
Styling:  @styled_by_mama

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