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Pamper Party for the Tween Set

This party was near and dear to my heart as it was for my eldest daughter, Ra’naa who turned 10! A milestone birthday as we entered into doubledigit territory. Her favourite colours are blue and purple and I thought let’s make that the focus of this party instead of the usual pamper inspired décor. I decided to incorporate her initial R throughout the décor to personalise it, combined with stripes, polka dots and chevron print. The brief from the birthday girl was everything must be purple and blue and ‘oh an ice cream cake mom’.
I turned to my guru baker and mom herself to two gorgeous boys, Ilhaam from Love Cakes to whip up the ice cream topped drip cake, cake pops and iced biscuits. My ‘client’ did not want too much candy as she and her friends like to eat healthy. I am all for that, but hey, its a party! So we compromised on two types of candy. I made pancake stacks with Nutella and strawberries sandwiched between each layer. Ra’naa and I made unicorn-inspired chocolate bark AND ice cream in her favourite colours. We finished off the treats table with some popcorn cause what tweenie doesn’t love popcorn! For a backdrop to the treats table, I decided to decorated the white wall with pinwheel fans, oversized latex balloons which we jazzed up with tassels and also placed tassels on the front of the table to give some extra sparkle. 


The area where the girls were seated we decided to keep it relaxed and removed the legs on a table and instead placed pillows on the floor (all in theme colours of course) for all to enjoy one another’s company and eats while waiting for their pamper treatments and activities. We decorated the seating area with plain and polka in theme colours along with glass milk bottles with plastic striped straws so everyone could help themselves to the juice bar we had set up.

We had an amazing group of ladies from GlamourWorx who come into any space and transform it into a beauty party. Not only do they do pamper treatments such as facials, manis and pedis, they also kept the girls busy by letting them make bath bombs and lipbalm to take home! For me the best was the personalised goodies bag each girl got to take home which contained quite a few items some of which were also personalised. I would definitely recommend them to family and friends. Now feast your eyes on some of the photos taken:
The party ideas and elements that makes this party stand out from the rest:
  • The beautiful color palette of turquoise and purple in different shades, as well as the use of polka dots, chevron and stripe to make it playful.
  • The spa gowns and matching theme headbands each guest got to take home. 
  • A goodie bag filled with wonderful spa items to continue the pampering at home.

  • Iced cookie with the birthday girl‘s initial, ‘R’.
  • Nutella pancake stacks with slices of strawberries in between.
  • All the animals strolling through the treats on the main table and kiddies table.
Enjoy as I know the girls did! 


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