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Heaven Sent Baby Shower

What a beautiful theme.
All babies are heaven sent so when the friend’s of this mom-to-be approached me to assist with a surprise baby shower, I was only too happy to oblige and suggested this theme. It was also perfect as the happy couple was expecting their first bouncing baby boy.
I decided to make clouds to use against the “sky” backdrop and thanks to a few links on my fave party ideas one-stop shop, Pinterest I headed off to the store to buy supplies: cotton wool, card stock and craft glue. The “sky” backdrop was a plastic table cloth available at most party shops, in various colours and at a reasonable cost. 
The treats were all inspired by this theme: vanilla cupcakes with a light and fluffy cream topping, resembling clouds, cake pops to swoon over and last but not least the rose swirl ombre cake with the sleeping baby nestled in between the rose swirls. All bakes were made by Jihan of Cloud Nine Catering, who also specializes in savories and cooks delicious meals for special occasions.
 We kept the treats buffet simple and elegant and dressed the table with a blue tutu tablecloth combined with mini pom poms in teal, navy blue and white.
We also added a dash of silver here and there and had a cutesy baby blue “BABY” sign on the table as we did not know the baby’s name! For those of you who wonders why not, it is part of Islamic custom to not name the baby before it’s born.
Prior to the mom’s arrival the guests were asked to sign a onesie with words of wisdom, love or what guest thought fitting, which would be framed as a keepsake. Similarly the guests were asked to place their thumbprints on a thumb tree (see pic) which would also be framed. The table was set up with different colour stamp pads and the guests could choose which they wanted to use to place their prints.
The hostesses provided a wide array of snacks and drinks which we styled to suit the set up. Games were enjoyed by one and all starting with “Guess the baby food”, “Who knows mom best?”, “Singing nursery rhymes in different music genres”, which was my personal favourite!
Guests all had a wonderful time and was treated to a small handbag sized hand cream as a favor, which was beautifully packaged in a glass jar with ribbon and thank you label.
We wish this mom-to-be all the best with her bundle of joy and hopes he brings her, hubby and big sister loads of happiness, love and laughter. 
If you have any questions or queries please feel free to comment.

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